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Wasps are often mistaken for bees and commonly confused with other stinging insects. Wasps are notorious for building their nests in the most inconvenient places, typically where people like to gather. These areas include spaces around your deck or under the overhangs of your roof. Wasps are also notorious for being extremely aggressive in defending their nests. This makes it difficult for you to peacefully enjoy the outdoors at your home or business.

Wasps come in various shapes and sizes. Unlike bees, some wasps are fly solo while others thrive in large colonies. Some wasps survive entirely from the nectar of plants, while others are parasitic and feed on other insects. The sting from a wasp can be extremely painful, and unlike bees, wasps do not lose their stingers. That means they can sting an individual, or a party of people, over and over again – which makes them particularly painful pests.

At Boise Pest Control Services, we are your wasp control professionals. We are trained to find wasp nests and safely remove them so that you don’t have to worry about being stung.

Have you experienced wasps on your property. Give our wasp control professionals a call today to eradicate the issue.

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