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Over the years, Boise Pest Control Services has become the experts in Boise spider control. Fear of spiders is extremely common with quite a bit of concern over certain spider species, native to Idaho, being deadly. There is also a misconception that spiders seem to seek out people in order to bite them. Like most pests, there is good news and bad news about spiders.

The fact is that most of these views on spiders are myths. Yes, spiders will bite people however, generally speaking, it’s not because they simply want to. A human presents more of a danger to spiders than spiders present to humans. Spiders use their fangs and venom to feed on insects, not humans.  

Regardless, homeowners and business owners do not want spiders on their property. Customers have relied on Boise Pest Control Services for reliable and dependable spider control. Spider webs hanging around your home or business tend to not look very attractive, no matter how many insects the spiders are eating. However, a spider infestation could indicate that you may have another pest problem since spiders prefer to build webs where they can get the most insects.

Are you dealing with spiders in your home or office? Boise Pest Control Services can help you eradicate the problem regardless of the species. We’ll remove the webs and get rid of the spiders during all life stages.

Contact our spider control specialists today and get the peace of mind you’ve been longing for. 

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