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It’s likely that you constantly see flies, particularly if you spend time outdoors. It’s also likely that they annoy you as much as they do everyone else. Flies are common pests when it comes to events like picnics and family reunions. You can guarantee that they’ll be buzzing around the food, landing on your dinner plates, and hovering around the garbage cans.

Flies are actually fascinating insects, but understanding the facts about what they can do and their behavior is important in understanding why fly control is so crucial.

While flies are certainly not attractive and they can be an annoyance, there’s a wider concern when it comes to flies and their control: disease.

Fly diseases can range anywhere from the annoying to deadly. A fly infestation could mean there is a different issue on your property that is attracting them. Boise Pest Control Services fly control professionals are trained to identify the source of the infestation and eradicate it quickly.

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