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Ants can bite, sting, and can transmit nasty diseases. They also present a serious annoyance, not just during the summer months, but all year-round. There are four stages of ants, egg, larva, pupa, and adult. All are present in Boise at any given time of year though the location and focus of the colony may differ.  While ant development varies based on the current climate, their clockwork activity is well understood.

It’s important to understand that ants do not simply go away in the winter. The winter and early spring you’ll see high periods of egg-laying. Ants typically gravitate toward food sources that are high in protein and have strong nitrogen content. By applying active ant control during winter and early spring, you have a much better chance of avoiding late spring and summer infestations.

During the spring and summer seasons, when colonies go through periods of high larval growth, ant populations need higher qualities of carbohydrates to fuel the colony. Ants best ingest nutrients in liquid form. Therefore, water is extremely important therefore, liquid baits work very well.

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